Photography by Robert Versteegen
It’s almost 50 years ago since it started in Philadelphia and later on in New York, almost the same time is saw the light on this world. At first sight it was not my thing it gave a certain disorder in the order I knew, the first impression was like a kind of vandalism, every where I look, every city I visit its every were.
Starting with photography give me a new look into this kind of “ street” art. I saw details, compositions; with other words I saw order in the chaos. I was able to focus on a small part of the whole available structures which were painted on the wall, light post, e cabinets and other subject out there in the urban environment etc.

Another interesting part of this urban environment is the fact that it only exists for a certain time; Other artist use the already painted object as underground for their new piece, weather has effect on the paintings and underground, sometimes the paint is partly flaking of the underground the concretes gets visible again.

I believe that my images don’t give a view to reality, it’s abstract and gives impulse to our fantasy, what do is see, what is it?
The most of the images are made at a point in the city of Eindhoven were graffiti is more or less allowed. It’s an arena beneath a roundabout called the “ Berenkuil”.
I visit this scene now for 3 a 4 year and come back every two months to see new art works, to see what the forces of nature have created and so on. I like it very much to create and visualize what is see through my camera, I hope the reader will also enjoy.

Cheers Robert Versteegen